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Our diets are often deficient in vitamins and minerals due to poor soil quality.

This is why supplementation is necessary.  

SureSlim High on Life multiVitamins help to boost energy levels and do not stimulate your appetite.

Milk Thistle


•    Effective liver detoxifier especially if you consume

      alcohol regularly

•    Effective anti-oxidant

•    Combats kidney & bladder disease

•    Improves control of diabetes

•    Helps prevent acne & eczema

•    Helps lower cholesterol levels

•    The product that we use is extracted only from

      the seed and is an 80 % extract.

•    We include Lithothamnium Calcarium in the



This is extremely high in organic minerals and ensures that the  Milk Thistle is enhanced by supplying vital minerals.  


Our product is the only product that includes Lithothamnium.

Moringa Plus


•    A natural laxative when taken on an empty


•    Boosts energy levels

•    Stimulates metabolism

•    Helps balance Cholesterol levels

•    Supports uptake of iron, may prevent


•    Highly effective anti-inflammatory 

     (especially useful for clients suffering from


•    Increases the quality of breast milk


Benefits of taking Moringa are usually only experienced from the 8th day onwards. 

* May not be taken if you are pregnant or on blood thickening medication



•    Breaks down fat resulting in centimetre loss

•    Treats IBS symptoms and menstrual cramps

•    Increases excercise stamina and recovery

•    Reduces cholesterol levels

•    Reduces blood sugar levels

•    High in anti-oxidants

•    Reduces cravings

Organic Immune Booster


Fantastic to boost your immune system particularly in winter or when you are travelling. 

Even safe for babies to use to ward off the “crèche bugs”.

Omega Plus Oil


The oil helps weight loss, boosts the metabolism and suppresses the accumulation of body fat.



The perfect  on-the-go meal.

It is a meal, not a meal replacement. 



SureSlim High on Life multiMinerals supply essential daily minerals as well as aiding sleep and relaxation.

Natural Marine Calcium


•    Helps you sleep

•    Increases bone mass and density

•    Relieves heartburn

•    Relieves reflux

•    Helps heal ulcers

•    Lowers cholesterol

•    Essential for normal function of blood


Men have reported relief of heartburn and/or reflux within 14 days  of starting with the Natural Marine Calcium. 

SureSlim Ultimate


•    Tightens skin

•    Aids in muscle recovery

•    Improves blood circulation

•    Strengthens and thickens hair

•    Prevents cartilage breakdown

•    Alkalizes and detoxifies body

•    Reduces scar tissue, wrinkles and acne

•    Promotes faster, stronger growing nails

•    Relieves joint pain, arthritis and cramps



•    Highly effective in reducing visceral fat

•    A fat burner which increases the rate of fat


•    Decreases the amount of fat stored after


Sugar Replacer Pouch


Aspartame Free

No after taste

20 x sweeter than sugar

150g pouch

Coconut Oil


Has fewer calories than other fats.

it is a potent immune stimulant.

Can boost brain health.

Increases the cells sensitivity to insulin, addressing an underlying cause of obesity.

Kitchen Scale


Easy to use kitchen scale. Weighs up to 2kg. 

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